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The Human Trafficking Crisis Demands Our Attention

The Human Trafficking Crisis Demands Our Attention
The human trafficking crisis is not an unbeatable problem. With collective will, awareness, and action, we can make significant strides in eradicating this modern-day slavery.
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Break the Silence

The recent arrests in Ohio’s “Operation Buyer’s Remorse” have once again brought the issue of human trafficking to the forefront. The operation, which led to the arrest of 160 individuals, including educators and U.S. Air Force members, underscores the pervasive nature of this heinous crime. The operation, spanning from Sept. 25 to Sept. 30, also identified over 100 survivors of human trafficking, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

As security professionals, we are entrusted with protecting lives and ensuring safety in various aspects of society. It is our duty to shed light on issues that demand urgent attention. Human trafficking is one such crisis that cannot be ignored any longer. As highlighted in our previous article, human trafficking is a global issue, affecting millions and everyone can help fighting back. However, despite the efforts of numerous organizations, both governmental and private, the fight against this modern-day slavery seems to be lagging. The question arises: Why does such an important issue remain largely unaddressed?

Why Inaction and Silence?

Despite the enormity of the problem, there’s a shocking lack of urgency in addressing it or dealing with it, which begs the question, why? Besides the fact that eradicating human trafficking is a complex issue, rooted in a combination of societal, political, economic, and cultural factors, we can attribute the silence surrounding it to many reasons such as:

  • Lack of Awareness: Still today, many people are unaware of the scale and severity of human trafficking. It’s often perceived as a distant problem or something that only happens in certain parts of the world. However, this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Human trafficking can happen anywhere and can affect anyone — even our own loved ones. Every year we have thousands of children who go missing in our country alone. Raising awareness about human trafficking is crucial to combating this crime effectively. We must educate ourselves and others about its prevalence and impact on individuals and communities worldwide. As security professionals, and first responders, it is our duty to learn how to identify and assist victims.
  • Desensitization: News does travel quickly, but not all news travels at the same speed. Stories of human trafficking often get overshadowed by other pressing or more attention-grabbing stories, or they get lost in the constant news cycle, if reported at all.
  • Corruption and Complicity: In some regions, officials, law enforcement, and even politicians might be complicit in trafficking, either turning a blind eye or actively participating for financial gain. This corruption not only allows the crime to persist but also hinders efforts to combat it effectively. When those entrusted with protecting society become part of the problem, it becomes even more challenging to break the silence surrounding human trafficking. As security professionals, we have a responsibility to advocate for stronger anti-corruption measures within our institutions and support initiatives that promote transparency and accountability.
  • Economic Interests: Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry that also ‘’feeds’’ other industries as well. The vast amounts of money involved can lead to powerful interests working to keep the trade hidden and tragically, this modern-day slavery feeds into other industries such as forced labor, organ trafficking, and sex tourism. The profitability of these illicit activities creates an economic incentive for criminals to continue their operations.

Time to act, NOW!

The human trafficking crisis is not an unbeatable problem. With collective will, awareness, and action, we can make significant strides in eradicating this modern-day slavery. Every individual has a role to play, from being informed and vigilant in our communities and raising awareness, to supporting organizations that fight against trafficking. The time to act is now, the lives and dignity of millions depend on our actions. It is time to see the devil for who he is and fight for those who can’t. At Blue Raven Inc. we are proud to claim our armed security officers receive additional training that helps them identify and assist human trafficking victims. An initiative started by our CEO Michael J. Niner, while serving on the DCJS Private Security Services Advisory Board as the Personal Protection Specialist Representative, he developed and spearheaded a Human Trafficking training report recommending these training additions be a requirement of all security personnel. While the proposal received unanimous board approval, it unfortunately remains stalled. Yet, our commitment remains unwavering, and we continue to advocate for a world free from the shackles of trafficking.

The Need for Collective Will

This alarming crisis demands immediate attention from all sectors of society. As security professionals, we have a moral obligation to break the silence surrounding this issue and work towards its eradication. While Governments have their crucial role to play in combating human trafficking by applying strict laws that punish traffickers, and providing comprehensive support systems for the victims, we as citizens, and especially we in the private security sector, have our own important role to play.

Business Responsibility:

Businesses also bear responsibility in fighting human trafficking by ensuring ethical practices throughout their supply chains. By conducting thorough due diligence, implementing strong monitoring mechanisms, and supporting fair labor practices, companies can contribute to eradicating forced labor and exploitation from global commerce.

Community Engagement:

   Engaging local communities is essential for preventing human trafficking at its roots. Communities can establish neighborhood watch programs, educate vulnerable populations about the risks of trafficking, and offer support services to victims. By fostering a sense of collective responsibility towards protecting one another, communities become resilient against traffickers’ tactics.


Educating young people about the realities and the danger of human trafficking is essential for prevention efforts. Incorporating age-appropriate curriculum into schools that highlights the dangers of exploitation can empower students to recognize potential risks and protect themselves and others from falling victim to traffickers. Training security officers, first responders, hotel personnel, and other employees in identifying potential trafficked victims, as well as how to report and seek additional help by authorities, can help significantly. Let’s not forget that the fastest help comes from the person sitting next to you.

As security professionals, we must recognize the urgency of addressing the human trafficking crisis. It is not enough to merely acknowledge its existence, but we must actively work towards eradicating it. It is essential for all in our industry to finally recognize their role in combating human trafficking. As guardians of safety and protectors of communities, security professionals have a unique opportunity to make a difference. By being informed, vigilant, and actively involved in raising awareness about this issue, we can contribute significantly towards eradicating modern-day slavery.

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