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The Unseen Threat of Illegal Immigration on Security

The Unseen Threat of Illegal Immigration on Security
Illegal immigration poses security risks like smuggling contraband and potential terrorist infiltration, demanding robust border control measures.
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In an era marked by ongoing wars, conflicts and global mobility, the issue of illegal immigration has become a hot-button topic around the world. While Europe (especially Greece) is mostly dealing with refugees from Syria, Libya and other middle eastern countries, America has been fighting with the illegal immigration from the Mexican border. According to the latest data of the Migration Policy Institute, the unauthorized population in the U.S is estimated to be 11,047,000. Which makes it approximately 3.34% (1 in 35 people) of the total American population.

While the usual conversations often center around economic, social, and political aspects, it’s also very essential to examine how illegal immigration impacts security. And we would like to clarify that with this article, we want to approach the topic from strictly a security viewpoint. Another important thing to note is while not all illegal immigrants pose security risks, and many are seeking better lives and opportunities, there are those among them who use the current policies, lack of documentation and background research to commit crimes or be members of terrorist cells.

One of the most immediate and visible ways illegal immigration affects security is through border control. Nations invest significant resources in safeguarding their borders to prevent unauthorized entry. Since 2003 (With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security-DHS) and until 2021, the federal government has spent an estimated $333 billion on the agencies that carry out immigration enforcement. The influx of undocumented individuals places immense pressure on border enforcement agencies, diverting their attention from other security concerns. Criminal organizations often exploit the more porous of the border locations to smuggle contraband, drugs, human trafficking victims, and in many cases, weapons, thereby posing a direct threat to national security.

Illegal immigration can potentially pose a risk to national security when individuals with criminal records or malicious intentions enter a country undetected. While the majority of undocumented migrants seek better economic opportunities, a small minority have ulterior motives, such as escaping prosecution for the crimes they committed in their countries, commit new crimes, or get involved in greater criminal activity such as terrorism or espionage. In his latest interview, border Patrol Chief Jason Owens mentioned that on average in 2023, agents had arrested more than 47 people a day with “serious criminal histories.” Illegal immigration also often involves human trafficking, particularly of women and children. Many children have been found being transported by adults who cannot even explain the relationship they have with them. Criminal organizations greatly profit from smuggling people across borders, leading to exploitation, forced labor, and sexual slavery.

Another important risk, especially with latest geopolitical events and the call from the Hamas leaders to attack Americans, is the risk of terrorists crossing the Mexican-U.S. border along with the other undocumented persons. The vast and often challenging terrain of the border can be exploited by individuals with malicious intentions seeking to enter the United States undetected. Ben Bergquam, Real America’s Voice correspondent, is well-known for his coverage of the ongoing border crisis and has reported that an illegal alien who traveled from Iran to Jacumba, California recently told him that Islamist terrorists and other hostile foreign nationals are penetrating the southern border. Considering the lack of background investigations on these individuals, not only by our country, but also by the countries they come from (And not to mention the corruption in their countries that may allow them to buy them fake IDs or other travelling documents) this poses a significant danger to the U.S. It should not come as a surprise that we already may have a significant number of sleeping terrorist cells in our country. While we empathize with the majority of undocumented migrants who are driven by economic or humanitarian motives, we should not forget that the porous nature of the border can create opportunities for potential terrorists to exploit the same routes and networks used by illegal immigrants.

Vigilance and robust border security measures are essential to prevent such threats and ensure that those who intend harm cannot take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the immigration system to enter the country and jeopardize national security. Proper vetting processes and border security measures are crucial to identifying and intercepting such threats.

Although the relationship between illegal immigration and security is multifaceted and complex, it is essential to recognize the potential risks and challenges that unregulated migration can bring to our country and our citizens. Effective border control, improved vetting processes, and thorough immigration policies are absolutely necessary to comprehensively address these concerns while upholding humanitarian values. As we navigate these challenges, it is crucial to remember that security and human rights are not mutually exclusive, and solutions must be sought that address both aspects responsibly.

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