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"Blue Raven Inc., Steps Up to Help Retail Stores Combat Theft with Specialized Enforcement Teams Leveraging Virginia's VAC 9.1-146 Code"

Our Retail Enforcement Division (RED) is an elite unit crafted to empower Virginia’s retailers in their battle against the surge of retail theft. By capitalizing on the provisions of Virginia’s VAC 9.1-146 code, RED teams are authorized to take decisive action against shoplifting incidents. Our certified security officers are not only equipped to deter criminal activity but are also authorized to arrest and detain perpetrators on-site and provide full transport capabilities which then facilitates a direct handover to local law enforcement authorities for further processing.

This strategic initiative underscores Blue Raven Inc.’s commitment to providing comprehensive retail security solutions. RED teams are composed of highly trained, armed security professionals who specialize in retail protection, ensuring they operate within the legal framework with the utmost professionalism. With our RED services, retail clients receive:

  • Immediate mobilization of expertly trained armed security personnel.
  • A formidable presence that actively deters theft and secures the retail environment.
  • Rapid and lawful resolution of shoplifting incidents, minimizing disruption to business operations.
  • A safer shopping experience for customers and a secure workplace for employees.
  • Substantial reduction in the costly repercussions of retail theft and related criminal activities.

Choose Blue Raven Inc.’s RED teams for a proactive and potent defense against retail theft, fortifying your establishment with security that not only watches over your assets but actively safeguards them.

Premium Private Security Services on "RETAIL ENFORCEMENT DIVISION – RED" by Blue Raven Inc.